An example of a discussion starter from a Wednesday night.

Monday / Wednesday Night Sesh

This came about because Sunday mornings seemed to be busy times for the majority of people and families living on Kingswood.

The way a Monday / Wednesday night works and what you can expect to find if you come along to 1 Richmond Lane Kingswood Hull HU7 3AE.


Doors open and kettle goes on, people start arriving during this half hour and catch up, new people have a chance to get relaxed and settled in


We aim to make a start with some discussion questions, often about what has been going on in the world or news that week. Something that everyone can talk about. The questions are open and we are not looking for right or correct answers but we begin to unpack what the moral, spiritual and / or ethical themes are about the topic. It’s very conversational based, often people will sit and listen if they don’t want to talk.


We begin to wrap up the conversation, Revd Ben will ask if anyone knows of anything / situation / person who he could pray for. Revd Ben leads a short payer and then the kettle goes back on.


People begin to leave or stay for a chat

The main aim is to create a safe place for people to begin to ask questions about life and faith. Often there can be a lot of fear of saying or doing the wrong thing when it comes to exploring faith with others. We get that which is why everything is opt in opt out. Come along and get stuck in or just sit and watch. Come along once or every week. The door is always open and the kettle is always on!

Once a month we now hold an informal Communion service. It is informal in as much as Revd Ben talk everyone through what we are doing and why. This is so that if people who like to take part but are unsure they can feel relaxed in taking part. Keep an eye on the website for the dates each month or connect with us through social media.