The Sunday Sesh was born out of a natural need of people wanting to connect in a way that doesn’t mean we have to visit a different planet.

A drop in rather than a set service was chosen as time is a big issue for people living on Kingswood. Also it allows people to opt in or pit out of everything that is going on without fear of thinking that people will be judging them.

We always have lots of things going on, and we are constantly improving what we offer and do. There is always space to reflect and there will be guided and interactive things that you can engage with, this may look like lighting a candle or writing a prayer to more creative things like a 10ft hand built whale or a graffiti board.

There are always crafts and mindfulness exercises to do, as well as just some space to sit and chat or read the Sunday papers as well as some great locally sources coffee.

Please feel free to pop a long for 5 mins or 2 hours, we pride ourselves on our warm welcome and chilled out atmosphere.