Revd Ben Norton

Ben was born in Hull and has been ordained in the Church of England since 2007. He is a hairdresser by trade and has always loved working with people. Since 2013 he has served in the British Army Reserve as the Chaplain to the 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, and recently served on Operations on Op TORAL 5 in Kabul.

Ben loves spending time with people who don’t have faith and listening to the conversations that begin “I am not religous but..”

Ben has been married to Becky since 2001 and they have three children and a black lab called Winston who hates nextdoor’s cats.

Ben has studied how the church can develop to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society to Masters level and has pioneered five different new communities over the past seventeen years in ministry.

Ben enjoys lots of different sports swimming, cycling and running and occasionally putting them altogether. He is the Vice Captain of local Charity football team AFC YORKIES.


Kelly Richardson

Kelly has come to faith in the past 3 years and was confirmed in 2017. Kelly’s background is in performing arts and she has produced and directed many different shows that have toured the UK. She is married to Simon and they have the twins and their first child ‘Spud’ the golden Labrador.

The family live on Kingswood and have been part of the Church of England on Kingswood since moving to Hull from Scotland in 2015.


Gemma Gibbins

Gemma is a ‘Whovian’ and her favorite Doctor is David Tenant. Gemma lives on Kingswood with Jon and their 4 year old who is an awesome dancer.

Gemma works in the NHS and has been part of our community since 2015.